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Membership Information & Fees

Membership of OPMA is drawn from all sectors of the international advertising community

Membership Information (including fees)


Membership of OPMA is drawn from all sectors of the international advertising community.

Companies engaged in media representation may apply for Full Membership, whilst advertising agencies and organisations who plan and buy advertising space in overseas media and other auxiliary service companies, are considered for Affiliate Membership.

Full Membership

Applications for Full Membership are considered from overseas media representation companies and wholly-owned offices of overseas indigenous media owners.

Supplied references are rigorously checked before submission for approval into membership of the Association.

All applications should be countersigned by the nominated representative of an OPMA Full Member company wherever possible. In case of any difficulty, please contact the Secretariat.

Affiliate Membership

OPMA’s prime function is to help create an environment that encourages the highest possible standards of international/ overseas media representation in the UK. To that end, OPMA is looking to extend its existing membership beyond companies representing overseas media to include advertising agencies, media independents, clients and other related services.

We would like you to join us as an Affiliate Member and to name one individual as a point of contact (nominated representative).

Affiliate Membership is free of charge – the only cost is a small amount of your time and attention.

Membership fees

Full Membership

Corporate entrance fee: £400 (One-time payment)

Annual company subscription:

One nominated representative: £400
Two nominated representatives: £800
Each nominated representative thereafter: £200

Affiliate Membership

No charge, subject to approval of application

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