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OPMA Late Late Party

What a great party!

Late Late Summer Party

"FANTASTIC" that was the verdict on our new website! Over one hundred invited guests gathered at the fashionable Union Club in the heart of Soho to help celebrate OPMA's new website. With a totally new look, improved functionality and a host of search features we are confident that it will now be the first choice for anyone working in international media to turn to.

 The OPMA Council decided unanimously that with the published annual Guide no longer being printed it was high time to overhaul completely our online offering. The change of name (which reflects a more global attitude) come at the right time for The Association. The Council undertook numerous meetings and briefings to ensure that the re-launched website accurately reflects the requirements of the international media scene.

We hope that you will agree it is a real game changer and one that will be used again and again.


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