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Code of Conduct

OPMA Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

  1. It is accepted that chance meetings between OPMA’s members and media owners contracted to other OPMA members will occur. In principle, general approaches advising foreign media owners of a non-contracted OPMA member’s existence and services are to be permitted as long as they fall within the following parameters.In the interests of foreign media owners being best served by OPMA members, we feel approaches to foreign media owners should be permitted, on the strict understanding that the following procedures be observed.
    1. The initial approach to the foreign media owner in question must be prefaced by an acknowledgement that the OPMA member making such an approach is aware that the medium is already represented by another OPMA member. If the title is listed in the OPMA Guide current at the time of the approach, then a claim that the OPMA member was unaware of its representation by another member will not be acceptable.
    2. If the foreign media owner expresses satisfaction with his existing contracted OPMA member, or simply ignores the approach then the non-contracted OPMA member is to desist from further contact on that occasion. This does not obviate further contact at a later date, should changed circumstances indicate that a renewed approach would be reasonable.
    3. If the foreign media owner does express interest in learning more about the services being offered by the non-contracted OPMA member, and in the event of any subsequent dispute, then the non-contracted OPMA member must be prepared to submit to the Council, if requested, a written summary of the sequence of events. Any such summary submitted to Council shall be held in confidence by the Council and will not be divulged to any other OPMA member.
    4. If the non-contracted OPMA member sends out a formal offer of his services to the foreign media owner, at the time under contract to another OPMA member, then a copy of any such correspondence should be retained and made available for the inspection of the Council in the event of subsequent disputes.
  2. Persistent approaches by one OPMA member to another OPMA member’s contracted media are considered to be unacceptable.
  3. During any contact with another contracted OPMA member’s foreign media owners, a strict code of professional behaviour is to be observed:
    1. At no time is any statement to be made demeaning the professional abilities or character of another OPMA member.
    2. In discussions regarding the possible change of representation of media, no financial or other inducement is to be offered likely to influence the foreign media owner in his decision.
  4. To maintain clarity, professionalism and confidence in the information provided by the Association:
    1. Proof of exclusive representation is mandatory for all new listings.
    2. Proof of exclusive representation is mandatory in all instances claiming a change of representative.
  5. Every contracted OPMA member of the Association is understood to have read, and will abide by, the terms contained in this Code.
  6. Applicant OPMA members must sign an undertaking to abide by the Code before being taken into membership of the Association.
  7. Any OPMA member not conforming to this Code renders itself liable to expulsion from the Association.

Note: Throughout this Code, the expression “OPMA member” is understood to mean any person, firm, company or partnership or any similar entity in foreign countries, however so called.

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