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Principal Aims of the Association

Principal Aims of the Association

  • To provide a valuable and accurate service within a changing media environment.
  • OPMA strives to remain the pre-eminent trade association for overseas media representatives based in the UK. Its vetted members offer media planners/buyers an unrivalled resource for cross platform bespoke media solutions.
  • OPMA has a proven industry record through lobbying and arbitration.
  • Through forums and social interaction OPMA increases its effectiveness.
  • It remains a principal focus of the association to provide a valued communication process through forums and social interaction.
  • OPMA acknowledges that its continued success rests on its capacity to deliver an environment that places the views of agencies and clients in the vanguard of our discussions and decisions.

OPMAs Publisher says:

"In an increasingly fragmented media landscape OPMA remains a valuable constant for international planners and buyers"

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